ArtisZen Therapy & TerraSol Massage
Restorative Balance & Functional Alignment, facilitating pain-free movement, mindfull meditations, abdominal organ massage, hanuman'qi breathwork & education based-learning

"I wasn't able to comfortably lift my arm, and thought i had "frozen shoulder" until Kyle did some range of motion and a few simple soft stretches, releasing a pattern that was guarding my arm from an old injury."


"Health Care that's affordable and accessible.  "


"I had pain in my low back and hips and he massaged my intestines, kidneys and diaphragm before gently adjusting the ligaments along my sacrum."


"Such a relief to address my ailments, pain and discomforts with such a considerate and holisticaly minded healer."


"The initial intake took some extra time, though it helped being encouraged to draw pictures describing the sensations, and then discussing how they radiated in my body and discovering their physiological and anatomical connections for my personal situation"


"Dynamic integrations of DeepTissue and LomiLomi relaxing, rehabiltating and restorative."


"Describing the bodies discomfort with analytical, esoteric & integrated medical anthropology, assessing a broad spectrum of reference."

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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