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Restorative Balance & Functional Alignment, facilitating pain-free movement, mindfull meditations, abdominal organ massage, hanuman'qi breathwork & education based-learning
Services and Rates


_    Investing in massage is an investment in your health.   _


Let us make an apointment to address your issues of interest. 

___Email: or phone/txt # 206-498-0904___


    Sessions are 75$ for 1hour+15minutes.  __Sliding Scale Offered for Student Rates of 40$

         Therapy Packages available for 3 Sessions @ 150$

             First Time Clients receive referal Bonus



      Orthopedic Massage Therapy


     Structural Assessments

      Guided Meditations

     Injury Treatment plans

       Massage Therapy

  • Sessions can be recieved fully clothed, in sporty-comfortable non-restrictive clothing
  • or modestly draped, which the use of oils, lotions, aromatherapy & essential oils
  • Manualy attending to the physical body's ailments
  •   Circulatory, deep tissue, restorative, relaxing, sports, spa, therapy treatment
  •     Connective Tissue; somatically unwinding myofascial intersections aligning neurofascial balance in pain free movement
  •     Visceral fascilitation of Abdominal Organs and endocrine system; for better digestion, health & well being consciousness
  •    Myofascial Structural Balancing
  • LomiLomi Hawaiian Full Body Massage
  •    ReiKi
  • Somatic neurophysiological, emotional, PTSD treatment

       HanuMonki Spiritual yogachi; movement & guided mindfull meditation


   Practical sessions held on a sliding schedule, supporting an as needed basis, onsight facilities, business & house-calls, events and studio retreats available...will travel within reason, accepting tips and opportunties to support the tour.                                                                                                                                                                            


_________Sports sessions and Myofascial rebalancing breema remains that the client is clothed in comfortable flexible atire, while other styles may include the application of  oils * the client is always draped with sheets and supporting the comfort of the clients' needs. 

_________Mindfull meditations, guided visualizations, and nature walking sessions are all encouraged and holistically integrated.  Occupationaly, some sessions may suggest a personal reference notebook for reflections on posture, stretches, balance, pain, mood, food nutritional reference and time of day restfullness.  It is important to incorporate unwhelming practices of wellness, employing Massage in your work environment, learning selfcare and restorative care.



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