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Restorative Balance & Functional Alignment, facilitating pain-free movement, mindfull meditations, abdominal organ massage, hanuman'qi breathwork & education based-learning

Kyle Britz, LMP

Orthopedic Myofascial Massage & Qigong



General & Specialized Holistic techniques in Therapeutic Orthopedic Massage & Qi Gong movement.

With advanced certification & studies in Orthopedic Myofascial Massage, injury treatment, pain relief, somatic unwinding, hydrotherapy, usui Reiki, lomi lomi, qi gong movement, breathing techniques & trauma informed care.

Assessing and addressing impairments & discomforts of the body physiology in a holistic and environmentally mindful practice.   

Hosting a supportive space to explore issues of chronic accrued stress - current issues of dis'comfort, dis'ease & Pain Relief.  Modeling a conversational dialogue to clarify the health-care needs of your individual well being.   Most commonly treating:

  • Limited range of motion                        
  • Aches              
  • Pain with movement
  •  Numbness, tingles              
  • Limited circulation           
  • Weakness in grip
  • Balance                       
  • Head-ache                      
  • Sore back: Low Back, Upper Back, Mid
  • Issues of Breathing                  
  • Somatic unwinding                    
  • Structural imbalance
  • Nerve pain                  
  • Circulation             
  • MusculoSkeletal
  • MyoFascial          
  • Abdominal Massage               
  • Digestive Organs
  • Hips, Legs, Feet                      
  • Hands, Arms, Shoulders                 
  • Neck, head, jaw, face
  • Torso, rib cage                   
  • LomiLomi    
  • Somatic unwinding                 
  • Repetitive stress disorders
  • “Slept funny”                
  • Referred pain               
  • On-going,  Chronic Sporadic Pain
  • Seasonal Discomfort                        
  • Joint Pain 
  • Body Pain                 
  • Orthopedic alignment
  • Allergies or Sensitivities                    
  • Injury Treatment                 
  • Stress Relief
  • Mind Body Connection                       
  • Inflammation                     
  • Mindfulness
  • Structural Support                 
  • QiGong Strength                   
  • Wellness Plans
  • Muscle Discomfort or Pain: Static or with activity & movement


.. as time accrues to cultivate these forms embodied, time will take to mindfully craft a session (or series of sessions) to assist with your body’s balanced wellness and self-care.


Most sessions can be performed while wearing comfortable yoga attire, otherwise there are options for oils with various circulation styles, draped in modest linens.


  • Sliding Scale payment plans available.  No one is turned away for lack of funds. Five dollar minimum.
  • Times vary depending on the layers of the issue. Discounts for wellness-packs and bundling with qi gong practice.

Sessions can be scheduled for appointments at Full Circle Wellness Centre :

Mondays 2:30pm - 8:30pm, Thursdays 10am - 8pm, occasional Saturday & Sundays.

For more info:

My practice is gentle enough for the Elderly to Infants. Sessions can be performed standing, sitting, walking, laying down, or tele conferenced via skype.  Patient clients under the age of 18 must have a parental guardian signature, and under the age of 14 must also have guardian present during the treatment sessions.

Kyle Britz, LMP

MyoFascial Massage & Qi Gong Movement

Licensed Washington State Health Care Provider                                      MA00016735

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