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Restorative Balance & Functional Alignment, facilitating pain-free movement, mindfull meditations, abdominal organ massage, hanuman'qi breathwork & education based-learning
About the Practitioner

   HealthCare Practitioner, Qi Gong Instructor avid Naturalist, insect and wildlife photographer, anthropologist, budding farmer, stone-sculpture artist and world-food lover.

       *Brian Utting School of Massage Graduate

       *ACOM, advanced certification orthopedic massage; port townsend school of massage.

       *continued exploration within Fascial structures of the balanced body.

       *Manual Ligament Training

       *Abdominal Massage:  Supporting digestive organ functions and core stewardship

       *Strength in Qi Gong learning movement modalities and self-care techniques


     Daily meditations include walks in nature, conversations with plants, feather, fur and fin.  Flowing with restorative Hanuman'qi yoga, breathwork, and songs of healing. A scientist at heart aiding in the research and application of practical healthcare, environmental wellness and education.  Supporting artfull exploration and expression to share the mythos of our existance.

    Massage therapy is a martial art of navigating our bodies within our intended expectations of being, pain free, and living in ease and comfort. Dialoguing is a necessary tool to decipher our surroundings, and impliment our goals for wellness.

    Whether mountaineering, farming, bicycling, sailing, snowboarding, crosscountry telemarking, kayaking, jogging, walking, horse riding, driving (need we?), writing, researching, teaching, dancing, capoeira, aikido, tachi qi gong, piano, flute, guitar, druming, sculpting or just listening, the orchestra of harmonies in life share beauty of being integrated wellness.                   

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